CpG Island Searcher

Current Version:10/29/04

The CpG island searcher screens for CpG islands which meet the criteria selected below in submitted DNA sequences.
The criteria and algorithm are described by D.T and P.A.J.[PNAS 99(6):3740-5 (2002)]
The CpG island searcher web page was designed originally by D.Takai. and rewritten by S.Catherall.
A command-line version of the CpG Island Searcher is also available. Download
A report that describes this web site has been published in In Silico Biol. 3, 0021 (2003).
The user can now define the gap to merge two potentially separate CpG islands. (Please refer the paper above for details)
Note. PC users must use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. Note. MAC users must use Microsoft Internet Explorer and click refresh after submitting the sequence in order to see the correct version.
Current update uses the selected length parameter as a sliding window when initially scanning for CpG islands in the submitted sequence.
This update has no size limitations for the sequence.
If the image displays in your browser as small, then IE resizing is enabled. You will need to disable the "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" in the internet options of Internet Explorer.
After submitting, the results will appear as a jpeg file on a new page.
Select the lower limit values
Gap between adjacent islands