USC/Norris Colorectal Cancer Center Research

USC/Norris has a strong translational research program directed toward a complete understanding of the basic aspects of cancer, and translating those research results to clinical treatment. USC/Norris scientists are leaders in basic research on the origins and prevention of cancers and the development of novel therapies for many different cancers. USC/Norris offers a variety of cancer education programs, including multidisciplinary oncology grand rounds, tumor boards and research conferences to acquaint faculty, staff, students and visiting physicians with advances in oncology research and treatment. Continuing education conferences and cancer education programs for physicians and other professionals in community hospitals are also offered.

Research is a very active and important part of our colorectal program. Clinical research is ongoing at all times. This is stimulated by interesting patients with complex problems where the management issues are unclear.
Students and residents are actively encouraged to participate in these projects.

Funding is available to support those wishing to take a period of time to dedicate to a clinical project, and support for meeting travel and presentation is also available.
More basic research, however, is carried out on a number of levels.

Laboratory Research
Genetic Profile
Outcome Research

Clinical Research
Clinical Trials

Epidemiology/Prevention Research
Colon Cancer Registry