USC/Norris Colorectal Cancer Center

Novel treatment stategies developed at our center

Center of Attention
  Professionals dedicated to colorectal cancer—patient advocates, oncologists, nurses, surgeons, social workers, nutritionists and counselors, among many others—all have a single place to call home at USC/Norris. That place is the new Colorectal Center, an endeavor that entwines all of the Norris’ colorectal cancer resources into one vital lifeline for patients.
Our tailored Chemotherapy developed at USC
  A genetics-based diagnostic technology allows oncologists to better determine which cancer treatment will work best against a patient's specific cancer
Genetic Approach
  Treatment of colon cancer at the USC/Norris is individualized by using genetic markers
Clinical Trials
  The future of curing cancer depends on clinical trials and the special relationship between the professor and the survivor - both full partners in the research endeavor.

Our team:

Multidisciplinary team of physicians and scientists dedicated to colorectal cancer
  The USC/Norris Colorectal Cancer Program offers a multidisciplinary team of physicians and scientists dedicated to colorectal cancer research and the comprehensive delivery of state-of-the-art patient care.
Our mission:
Mission, Vission and Values
  The fulfillment of our mission will be measured by the satisfaction of patients, positive outcomes from treatment, the dedication of our staff, the success of our research and education programs, and the financial viability of our organization.
USC and The Norris at a glance:
Facts and History
  n 1973, the USC/Norris Cancer Center was recognized by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as one of the first eight comprehensive cancer centers in the country. Today, there are over 40 such cancer centers in the nation.



USC/Norris Colorectal Center




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A multi-disciplinary team of specialists in colorectal surgery, colon cancer, gastroenterology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, nursing, diagnostic radiology, physical therapy, enterostomal therapy and social services is dedicated to providing compassionate, individually tailored patient care. Every care plan is carefully reviewed and fully coordinated with the referring physician.